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SMS Strategy

In today’s complex eco system, do you have a clear understanding of what functions you need, and how to introduce them with a minimum of disruption? Are you updated with the requirements of the SMS aggregator community so that you can maximize the revenue from the SMS service?

What is A2P SMS service?

The person-to-person (normal messaging) is declining but A2P is increasing for organizations such as financial services, delivery or online services providers because it is one of the safest and most dependable options for communication and has a very high open rate

With increasing adoption, companies are turning to Application to Person (A2P) messaging to reach and engage with their target audience in a reliable, fast and secure way. Essentially, A2P messaging allows an application to send a message (typically an SMS) or call directly to a user/customer. Examples of these types of messages include bank alerts, shipping notifications from online stores, appointment reminders, promotional and loyalty program notifications and two-factor authentication one-time passcodes for account security. 


Benefits of A2P Messaging for Business

SMS is the primary mobile-specific service that companies use to communicate with customers. A2P messaging in general has been gaining popularity for business use for a variety of reasons.

Personalization: Consumers prefer their communications to be short, personalized and on their terms. A2P messaging for businesses enables a tailored experience for customers.

Reach and Engagement: SMS open rates are higher and faster than email open rates. In fact, 98% of SMS messages are read versus email at 20%.

Relevancy: As SMS messages are opened more frequently and more quickly than email, messaging can meet the end-user’s more immediate needs. SMS messages are typically read within 3 minutes and hit click through rates of 19% versus email at 2%.

98% of SMS messages are read

Etisalat for A2P Messaging

Leading the way in A2P messaging are companies like Etisalat.Some of the strategies and partnerships we’ve applied to optimize our execution of A2P messaging are:

Minimizing delivery issues: We offer advanced phone number cleansing, unmatched international coverage, connect directly to hundreds of carriers around the world and employ a waterfall approach across multiple routes to help ensure the highest delivery rates.

Compliance expertise: We offer free regulatory assistance to mitigate Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) risks and adhere to worldwide content compliance to ensure customer messages are not blocked and reach their intended recipients.

Self-Service capabilities:

If you’re planning on capitalizing on A2P to enhance communications with your users, contact us to find out the various ways we can help you integrate A2P with your business.

The main application industries include:

  • E-commerce
  • Mobile Banking & Financial Services
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Airlines
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Government Institutions

The A2P includes these advanced features and more:

  • Bulk Messaging: use a scalable or enterprise level plan.
  • Multi-tiered pricing model to manage costs.
  • SMS Short Codes: a 4- to 9-digit number like a phone number, which a customer or business uses to send or receive text messages.
  • Flexible capacity: ability to increase or decrease send levels at a very fast rate.
  • Delivery Reports: in real time or by period.
  • Message Queuing: allows an application to communicate by sending messages to another app. The message queue provides temporary message storage when the destination program is busy or not connected.
  • Long SMS Concatenation: long SMS texts get split into smaller messages by the sending application. Then they recombine at the receiving end.
  • Bi-directional Unicode: supports A2P Texts in many languages.
  • Two-way SMS: interact via text message for social networking, events and appointment bookings. Also perfect for optin messages, voting, gaming, and surveys.
  • Personalized Sender ID: use alphanumeric sender IDs to send texts with a brand name instead of a phone number.
  • Direct-to-carrier Routing Network: SMS traffic via the fastest and most secure route. We avoid multiple hops for better security and lower latency.
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