‘’Application Management Services from Giga Waves can help you innovate, not just maintain.’’

Application Management Services from Giga Waves

Application Management Services from Giga Waves help you drive operational excellence from your CA solutions so you can deliver the innovation and value your users demand. We work with you to deliver differentiated day–to–day app administration, monitoring and preemptive maintenance, along with comprehensive adoption solutions to ensure maximum value from your software investments.

Giga Waves provides an SLA–based service to meet your business needs with a maturity model approach and support levels that focus on the business outcomes you expect. Let the Giga Waves Services professionals maintain, enhance and manage your Giga Waves solutions to maximize the value of your investment and free up your team to focus on business–critical initiatives.

Business Challenges

In the fast–paced application economy, organizations may face challenges to onboard new technologies and keep IT aligned with business outcomes. Expectations and demands are high, and the pressure to deliver innovation doesn’t go away. To deliver value to the business, you need to address daily challenges, such as:

  • Ensuring high levels of solution adoption across an organization to maximize ROI
  • Misaligned or constrained resources that are constantly busy with day–to–day administration of vital applications
  • Acquiring and retaining the right skills and knowledge to ensure operational efficiency and continuity
  • Maintaining a low and predictable OPEX while keeping up with the pace of innovation and solution adoption

Key Outcomes

  • Continuous innovation and improvement for greater business value from your Giga Waves software investments
  • Reduced costs and financial predictability with a flexible engagement model
  • Improved solution adoption for faster return on your IT spend
  • Greater productivity and resource effectiveness and the ability to adapt to changing business conditions

Key Services Features

  • Flexible engagement model so you can select the types of services required to focus on superior customer experience
  • Access to Giga Waves professionals across the organization with unsurpassed knowledge of Giga Waves solutions and operation
  • 24/7 support model to address the needs of your dynamic IT environment
  • Proactive improvement of your Giga Waves solutions and enhancements to maximize your investment and help ensure broad solution adoption
  • Delivery from a secure facility ensuring safety of your critical data and IT assets

Offering Overview

Application Management Services from Giga Waves provide a flexible engagement model that allows you to focus on what’s most important to your business. Supporting Giga Waves solutions both in the cloud and on premises, Giga Waves professionals can deliver a wide range of services, from exceptional production support to adoption services, guided by an organization’s need to maximize business value.

Giga Waves separates itself from the competition by providing a differentiated service that far exceeds what other vendors can provide, including:

  • KPI monitoring
  • Architectural guidance
  • Upgrades and version currency
  • Premium content library
  • Learning as a service
  • Custom content development

Additionally, customers gain access to Giga Waves insiders from across the organization—from services, education, support, product management, engineering, executive management and more.

Giga Waves provides the level of attention our customers require, all backed up by ITIL®–compliant processes, service level agreements, 24/7 follow–the–sun support and a dedicated technical service manager for a single point of accountability. Unleash the true potential of Giga Waves solutions and accelerate business value with Application Management Services from Giga Waves.

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