Biometrics System

Biometric System

Secure your office with top of the range security solutions.

Security access control (Biometric System) is compact, ergonomically designed and cost-effective. They support Plug&Play technology, are easily attached to a computer and are ready for work immediately after software installation, which is accompanied by step-by-step instructions

Fingerprint scanners suit both corporate and home applications, restricting access to sensitive information.

Attendance Unit

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  • Employee attendance logging
  • Visitor verification
  • Security Desk in Banks, Security installations
  • Member verification in Clubs, member organizations


  • Secure Fingerprint registration & verification system
  • Allow you to store personal information, fingerprints and photographs of the users in database
  • Verify the user Identity with one-to-one or one-to-many fingerprint matching
  • Optional Photograph pop-up after fingerprint verification
  • Auto-scanning option for operator free scanning and logging
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