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M2M (Machine to Machine) refers to data communications between machines. M2M technology allows intelligent machines to talk to each other via IP-based networks to automate the collection of essential data faster and accurately, without human intervention. M2M can also mean the family of sensors, middleware, software and applications that help improve efficiency and quality by tying together a myriad of sensors with mission critical applications like asset management, ERP and CRM.

Using M2M equipment and services, asset owners can connect, monitor, manage and optimise operations of remote devices without travelling to or maintaining staff at these sites.
Typical M2M solutions include a telecom network, network of sensors, middleware, software and applications that are linked together to mission-critical applications like asset management, enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management.
Since M2M technology can be used to monitor and manage any electro-mechanical device, its scope and benefits extends across a range of devices in almost every industry, which includes:

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Asset Tracking and Logistics
  • Hotel Automation
  • Life and Safety Control
  • Fleet and asset management
  • Healthcare & health monitoring
  • Vending and retail POS
  • Remote maintenance and control
  • Energy Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Health
  • Automotive and telemetric
  • Utility applications & smart metering
  • Surveillance and security services
  • Green building systems
  • Consumerization
  • Online facility performance management management
  • Improved asset
  • Manage downtime
  • Proactive intelligent maintenance regime
  • Ongoing Opex reduction
  • Outsourcing of support
  • Emirates Energy Star
  • Fleet Management Solution

& Data

& Wireless


M2M Shared Packages

Manage your connected devices the smart way

M2M Shared Packages are data/SMS/ Voice packages used for corporate M2M applications & deployments.

Our flexible M2M Shared Packages allow you link “n” number of SIM cards to your corporate account, choose between Internet or Intranet access, and even raise your M2M security with Etisalat secure APN services.

Data for your needs

Connectivity where you need it

Dedicated APN
On Etisalat’s Network

More Benefits

  • Takes your business where others can’t reach.
  • Extends your M2M device’s reach beyond borders.
  • iPad device offering with lower price compared to market.
  • Helps increase business channels.
  • Satisfies all your M2M connectivity needs.
  • Enables M2M applications such as Fleet Management, Security, and Assets Monitoring Solutions.

Features of Etisalat Vehicle Wi-Fi

  • Flexible Plans
  • IoT command center
  • Country wide network
  • Installation at customer premises
  • End to end service with device & installation
  • 5GB & 10GB/Month for LCV
  • 25GB & 50GB/Month for HCV

M2M Vehcile Wifi by Etisalat

M2M In-Vehicle Wi-Fi is designed to handle tower transfers at high speeds with consistent connection without dropping signal

M2M Control Center –Data Flexiblepool

Installation –One time Charge Monthlyrental
AED 25 / PerSIM AED 10 / PerSIM

Data “Flexible” Shared Packages:
Each SIM is charged a monthly fee in exchange for access and contribute a monthly quota of included data usage to a pool shared by all SIMs in theplan.

  Monthly Rental Out ofBundle
10 MB AED 20 0.25 Fils/KB
50 MB AED 30 0.25 Fils/KB
100 MB AED 35 0.25 Fils/KB

M2M Control Center –Data Fixedpool

Installation –One time Charge Monthlyrental
AED 25 / PerSIM AED 10 / PerSIM

Kb Data “Fixed” Shared Pool Packages:

The account is charged a monthly fee for a fixed pool of usage by all SIM’s in the plan.

  Monthly Rental Out ofBundle
1  GB AED 2,000 0.25 Fils /Kb
2 GB AED 4,000 0.25 Fils /Kb
5 GB AED 7,500 0.25 Fils /Kb
10 GB AED 10,000 0.25 Fils /Kb
25 GB AED 15,000 0.25 Fils /Kb
50 GB AED 25,000 0.25 Fils /Kb
100 GB AED 50,000 0.25 Fils /Kb
500 GB AED 56,000 0.25 Fils /Kb
1500 GB AED 60,000 0.25 Fils /Kb
2000 GB AED 100,000 0.25 Fils /Kb

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